Venereous Shaving Trio

Venereous Shaving Trio


There are few things in life like a good close shave, and this trio of products is designed to give you your best shave ever. Venereous Shaving Oil conditions and moisturizes the skin while you shave. It establishes a base against your skin that allows the razor to glide across your body without causing cuts and nicks. And it’s 100% natural.

Venereous Shaving Jelly is a 94% organic, non-foaming shaving gel which is applied after the oil or can be used on its own if you’re not interested in spending time layering on products. Like the oil, it is non-foaming which allows you to see the skin and hairs while you shave. This means less chance of accidently cutting yourself and makes sure you know exactly what your finished product will look like.

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  • A smooth, close shave every time
  • End ugly red bumps and razor burn
  • Stop annoying itching during hair re-growth
  • A great gift for that special someone
  • As smooth as a Brazilian wax but without the pain
Venereous Mountain Mist is formulated from the finest natural ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized, as well as prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs. Aloe vera is viewed as one of the best natural moisturizers known to man which has proven to help wounds and burns. Witch hazel reduces inflammation, relieves pain and has been used for years as a first reaction against shaving cuts and abrasions to stop bleeding. Silk proteins leave the skin feeling smooth and silky.


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